Oh, those carbs!

Beatriz D… Thank you for the tip of checking out Jenny’s website.It is full of great information. The information arms me with good info to take to my GP doc. Having been a professional weightlifter, diabetes is a great challenge. I am older (48)but have the mind of a 19 year old. I believe anything is possible. I was once paralyzed from the neck down and told that I would never walk or move again. I worked hard to walk again, I’m not quite normal, but I am walking and lifting weights again!! Diabetes is a challenege, and I love a challenege. One must remain vigilant and never quit. It is better to have played the game hard then to have sat on the sidelines wishing we could have done better. thanks…Richard

Jenny…can’t say enough about your website and your personal feedback. You made some very interesting points of my feeling sick when my sugars are at 120’s and lower. I was explaining this to my doc and he had no clue. I couldn’t figure out why I was feeling sick either…

I also did not know that Lantus was for fasting numbers… I’m up to 20 units at 7pm… I started using Humalog prior to meals to keep to highs down. It’s working, but I’m confused. Should I probably go off the Lantus because I’m not really seeing better lows from Lantus.

I have a question… does a person’s sugar go up if they do not eat meals at the proper times? I tend to have 190’s when I do not get anything to eat until midmorning? Any suggestions?

I wish the best to your son. Just remember… when others are resting, you must train harder…and remember to have fun!!!

Do you have a recipe for that Whet protein bars?

thank you…

Thanks for the kind words.

Lantus is slow release insulin. So it lowers the “floor.” It isn’t fast enough to mop up after a meal. Humalog does that. The combination of both kinds of insulin is the most effective therapy. But it can take some tinkering to figure out how much Lantus and how much fast acting insulin to use.

If you don’t eat anything at all in the morning, the blood sugar will go up due to Dawn Effect. Some people use a bit of humalog first thing in the morning if they aren’t going to eat to bring it down. If you are just learning to use insulin, you’d do better to eat something, probably.

It is also possible that you are missing the food by not injecting at the right time. Novolog will match my food pretty well if it is fast carbs and if I inject it right before eating. However, both these insulins can be out of your system by 3 hours after eating. With Novolog I sometimes see good numbers at 2 hours and not good numbers a 3 due to slow digestion or eating slower carbs that take longer to digest.

That is why I prefer to use slightly slower Novolin (or Humulin) R insulin (Regular Human) when I know when and what I’m going to be eating. R insulin has to be injected 45 min to 1 hour before eating and is all done for me between 4-5 hours. It isn’t quite as fast which means less fear of hypos and if I eat something that digests a bit slowly it is still there doing its job. If I screw up, it drops me slowly enough that I will notice and can correct.

My son is all done with football. Which is a huge relief to me as a mom even though I love watching the sport and still follow his old team. No more worries about him getting killed, crippled, concussed, etc!

I used to make Whey protein bars by putting two scoops of Whey Protein Powder in a bowl and then slowly stirring in peanut butter and a teaspoon or so of water and mixing it all together until it looked like a bar. I’d roll it in ground up almonds or walnuts to give it a crust.

I have been on a very low-carb diet since I was diagnosed in May. I have lost 65 pounds and I am just fine thanks. I’m still smart enough to run my own business & my blood sugars are pretty damn normal and my A1c’s are around 6.0. So I say bull-crap. I’m with Jenny & Dr. Bernstein on this - stay off the carbs & lose weight & live. By the way, I look great too :slight_smile: