Oh what the heck!

You know how you just want things to run smooth without too many hiccups as you know you already have a full plate? Well, oh what the heck is my response!

When I last posted to you here, I was learning to juggle my two insulins and preparing for a trip to the DSWA convention in Las Vegas. Ha ha…best laid plans! In addition to a great educational event, it was also a great networking event. I had planned my wardrobe, planned on how I was going to share my product line and make new contacts for business, maybe even taking some orders to offset the cost of being in Las Vegas and treating myself to some luxury spa time.

Ha ha. Now I had a few days to master the insulin shots so I wasn’t too freaked out there. The TSA didn’t give me any hassles and I didn’t have to defend myself for carrying 2 spare insulin pens and extra needles. That was the best news of the weekend!

I ended up getting a sinus infection just as I was getting ready to leave. Add in that my salon girl gave me an upper lip wax job and burned me…so I looked like a “Hitler” wannbee, So I have no voice, a burnt lip, a stuffy/runny nose, a death rattle cough, and now I have to manage quietly giving myself my before meal shots either at the table or in public restrooms! AND I had forgotten one little question…how to give myself a shot while wearing a dress? (I’m not experienced enough to do the shots through the dress)

I know…at that point I could have just said oh what the heck and stayed in my room!

Nope! DID NOT!

Okay, so I’m stubborn, and determined that I will NOT let this get me down. I ended up with some great networking contacts, new friendships, funny looks in the ladies room from strangers that were curious…got lots of “I have a friend that is Type 1 and has to do shots so I thought that you might be as well…” and a few “does it hurt?”. Thankfully, only one person attempted to be the food police - I countered with…“I know what to do to correct my diet, so unless you want me to police your diet, don’t police mine”. Funny, no one else even mentioned it again. Hey, the only breakfast food was either fruit, fruit juice, muffins or danish rolls…what would YOU have eaten?

So if you are a newbie to this lifestyle and want to know if you can cope with odd situations…take heart…it can be done with a smile on your face! You do NOT have to hide out - even when the whole world seems out to get you!

Just hold your head high! Plant that smile on your face and you’ll be just fine.

Now if the slot machines would just be a little “looser” with the payouts it could have been a perfect trip!

Ah well…What the heck!


Robert, While we are laughing at my attempts to be modest and still manage my shots…as I got dressed for the first day of meetings, the only thing I could think of was the line from a Dave Matthews song…“Hike up your skirt a little more and show the world to me”. Took on a whole new meaning that day!

(Yea, blame my husband for that song!)

At least we can laugh at ourselves! If we don’t, no one else will be kind!

Thanks for the note!

now THAT is how you live with diabetes!