Ok command not working on "enter BG" screen

Hi all,

I’ve been wearing my first dexcom sensor for about 2 hours. I was just prompted by the pdm thing to enter my bg. So I go to enter the first one and it wants me to confirm – 2 choices, “ok” or “cancel.” The “ok” is highlighted and blinking but when I press the green “ok” button nothing happens. it won’t click/select! and it’s only happening on this particular screen–on all other screens where I can choose “ok” or “cancel” I can choose the “ok” just fine.

Since it won’t let me enter the bg it just keeps prompting me to enter 2 bgs! How do I get it to recognize the “ok”? Has this happened to anyone before??


Call tech support. I’ve never experienced this.

I agree with Rachna, call tech support.

Would it hurt to remove batteries and try again?

Sounds like you have a lemon receiver. Call up tech support and get it replaced.