OK does anyone besides me call their lows something descriptive besides a low or a hypo

Ok it may seem odd but growing up I knew about low blood sugar due to my mother but we always referred to them as my mom being "goofy". Since she behaves very much like a drunk when she goes hypo. Mine on the other hand are usually just referred to as lows but in my head to describe them I use the term "Lizard Brained", do to me getting snappy and some what primordial in my thoughts with flee or fight plus paranoia setting in when I get below 60.

So just wondering what non clinical terms do you use.

I say “I’m zonked out of my gourd” like we did back when I used to party a lot.

I say “uh oh, I’m in a lttle trouble right now and my brain aint workin right,” or, “I gotta have a little time-out,” because that seems to illicit a little more understanding from my hubby than “I’m having a low right now,” which seems to annoy him.
But if I can, I just try to hide it.

I always refer to it as “my brain going offline.” When I go low, I frequently just get really quiet and spacy. I don’t talk a whole lot and forming coherent thoughts is beyond my capabilities whenever I go below 60.

“My brain has the new Facebook” LOL…

I call it “jelly brain” to my significant other, as going below 50 seems to knock a good 50 points off my IQ ha ha.

The only word I have to mutter to anyone for them to get it.

Similar to Laura, when my kids were little they called it “the shaky thing” and that became what it is called in my family. Luckily I’m the only one in the family that gets “the shaky thing”.