Ok how many carbs can you take without having to bolus

I have found that when I am in my normal fasting range 75-85, that I can eat around 20 carbs with out covering. While active this can go up to the 35ish range with out breaking 150. Always under 110 withing 2 hours.

Anyone else able to do this?

At 75 it is obious that you can eat 10g of carbs to reach normal numbers. But to need more than 10g even 20g to reach normal sounds strange to me. I will ask the other way around. What happens if you are fasting for 1/2 day? Is your blood glucose stable or will you go low?

Half a day fasting will put me in the 70-85 range if I am not being over active. If active I will have to eat during activity carbs based on level of activity. I do tend to watch what carbs affect me more then others.and limit my intake to the ones that don’t cause spikes

Are you perhaps still honeymooning? It looks like you have only had Type 1 for nine months.

I might be able to eat 5g of carbs and not have to bolus for it, but even that would raise my blood sugar a bit (maybe up to 135 or so if I started at 100). With 15-20g or more I definitely have to bolus or I go above 200, unless I am starting out low.

Have you considered that your basal may be too high?

I can barely eat any carbs without bolusing unless I’m super active.

I’ve asked my Endocrinolgy about honeymooning and she says it doesn’t appear to be. I do get some spiking if I push the 20 Carb range but rarely go over 160. I do tend to avoid processed grains and eat high fiber. If I am in the 100-110 range 15 carbs put me at 150-160 range at the 2 hour mark. If I am in my preferred fasting level of 70-85, 20 carbs will put me in that level. If I am exercising knock those numbers down 10-20 points if not more due to heavy fluid intake when being active.
I do tend to be over active during the day kids, cleaning and yard work.

Stress also hits me weird I will spike then drop sometimes dropping low, my mother is the same way with stress. I also have noticed increased insulin sensitivity for a few hours after taking my thyroid meds.

I still bolus for 20 unless I am in the low 70s and plan on working out.

I am constantly tweaking my basal based on factors such as activity and heat. I have basically settled on 22 units for heavy activity days 25 for lazy days. With summer coming I am dropping it to 20 and 23, I spend summertime outside and no AC when in. Endo says I am slightly sensitive but not over sensitive

I find that it depends on the type of foods I eat. If I eat a big salad with 10-15 grams or carbs, I am totally fine. But if I get the same grams of carbs from something more sugary or starchy, I can shoot really high. Or, if I am eating something with carbs but that is high in fiber (like quinoa, an apple, tempeh), I can take less or no insulin at all. My general carb to insulin ratio is 1:25 unless I am exercising before or after-then I cut it in half.

If I eat any more than 3-5g carb, I will see an increase in my BGs. I am very carb-sensitive, and the only way I can get the kind of control I want is to limit carbs, and try to get them from nutritious foods rather than starchy ones.

I can’t eat any carbs wiithout covering for them.

You are on an insulin pump? 75 is too low for me. I start feeling shaky around 80 and have to treat. Although, I started the pump in Dec. 2010 and still getting used to everything. Without the pump I would feel shaky at 110.

I think my pump is set to deliver insulin after 6 or 10 grams. Not sure if this helps… Sounds like you have great control. TAKE CARE!

Megs no pump for me yet. Plan on it but monetary issues are holding me up.