Ok I got my scare and it's not time for "Trick or Treats!"

I’ve been slowly going thru my supply of needles… not taking shots if my number was close enough to skip it.
Finances really work wonders on skipping shots! My numbers got a bit up before I went to court so I figured I needed to take the shot even if we really cant afford this "D"
I got shaky, dizzy and generally felt horrible. I know I was careful to measure my dose! That was scary. I didn’t exactly think about the recall. My boxes are totally different lot numbers. Three highs later and three shots later on different days with the same reaction. I put in a call to the ReliOn to ask about what was happening.
I got my envelope in the mail Saturday and am mailing in the needle that gave me my last low and two unused so they can check them out.

I got my scare. Please, carefully consider why you may get a low after proper dosing. There are so many things that could be going on with us. Don’t wait like I did. one scary low is enough to factor this thought process into my daily regimen!
Take Care of you!

With all the yummy food of winter… our warm comfort foods and our Thanksgiving and Christmas treats; think to eat a nice big salad at least once a day!

are you okay now? How did the court visit go?

We got my son back that day! The judge tore DSS to pieces about all of their wrong doings. Still, we’re having problems now that my son is home. sigh… He is very rebellious. Since he did get expelled from school; his only option is to homeschool with his sisters and he really doesn’t like it. I’ve homeschooled all of my kids for the past 10 years. I’m not changing how we live our lives for my son. So, with unemployment, high utility bills, me having chest pain lately it’s rough. Still, we’re getting by for now.