Ok I have some questions

Sorry to ask but you all seem so much more into the info ,it seems like all I do is take more and more meds.today just got my a1c at 9.0 up from 8.2 my doc is not happy as if I was right? Well he also put me on more meds 2 new and 1 is a anti depressant? ampitripaline???something ok AMITRIPTYLINE
I have more pain in my legs and feet toes etc and my legs keep jumping (itake requip also) and I cant get rest? I want to know does he think Im crazy?any info on any of this would be helpful


Wikipedia lists insomnia, and diabetic neuropathy as investigational uses of amitriptyline. It also is listed as something to give to children, so it must be pretty safe? I would ask a pharmacist if requip should not be taken at the same time?

Hi Odie,
You would have to ask the doctor to know what he is thinking in order to be sure. But my first thought would be no. A lot of drugs are used for a lot of different things. The Amitriptyline for example is being used for thngs like a bowel for chronic prioblems there. My youngest daughter has a severe and chronic problem with her small and large bowel The small bowel has too many spasms and the large bowel cannot stop the spasmng in the midddle. So the doc is using this for the pattern of muscles or muscle groups there It has actually helped there for her. it may also be that your doc is using this med for your legs too. Or he may be trying to help you relax when you try to sleep I know some people may think a bad psychological problem to be using this drug, but there are just so many reasons to use something like this. But also bringing about some little chemical changes can be of great benefit to us who are diabetic. When we have an autoimmune attack we can also have an attack in more than one place, like a neuron pathway for example that makes chemical changes for us and we need soemthing to change them back or make a different set up for us. Am I making sense here for you?
In short, no I don’t think he thinks that, but if you worry about it or anything, please write it down and ask him why he is doing what he is doing. It would be one less worry for you to know that he cares about you enough to try to make you comfortable. And finding that out would make me happy too. My best to you Odie.

Amitriptyline is used for wide-spread pain, diverse pain, pain affecting MANY sites both in the trunk of the body as well as extremities. He’s trying to go after your pain with it. More pain=more stress affecting blood sugar!
You didn’t mention the dose you’re on and how often. If it works, wonderful! The dose has wide variation from low to high. So if there is no change in your pain, you should phone him. Keep track and don’t wait for appointments down the road.
Meanwhile, do you have a diabetes education center in a nearby hospital? Is there a diabetes educator nearby? You need more than a doctor to help you work out of the 8s and 9s.
Keep track of the time, your glucose test results through the day, what you ate, and how much insulin, basal and bolus, you took and when, and show it all to him or the diabetes educator. YOU’RE the person IN CHARGE. Your A1c is just one clue he and others will use to figure out how to help you bring to bear all the resources out there and get your body under control.
There is no idea of “crazy” in this at all. I’ve seen amitriptyline work wonders. I hope it does for you. If not, phone!

Wow amitrityline to children. If I remember correctly this is a tricyclic anti-depressant. I found this drug to be very hard on the heart and I think it was the cause of my atrial fibrilation. Which has not re-occured since I stopped 15 years ago. It was a great nasal decongestant and within a minute of taking the drug my little fingers would go numb. This could have been an extreme reaction that most people may not have. The doctor did report this side effect to the chief pharmacist of the state. However Doctor at the time said it was hard on the heart for most patients. In my case it was also ineffective against depression as were most chemicals I have taken. Did not have diabetes at the time so effect on BG unknown.

thanks to eveeryone for all the responces .I did cal and talk to my Doc and he assured me and I read more about it,that it is for diabetic nueropthy sorry cant spell it .My body mainly my legs feet toes are in pain all the time.more test more meds
Im tired of it all.Thanks .Odie