Ok I'm hangin thin for now

I just want to talk about my plan to survive for now. Stephen deployed yesterday. Finances are more than tight. Bills are unpaid. Siding popped from the house was noticed today. One kiddo with an earache. Boy do I miss my sweetie!
At least pay will come in and things will be a little late; still paid though:) I"m going to start testing only in the evenings. I know that mornings are always high; I’ll skip testing and just take 5 units of insulin til it runs out. I’ll skip testing lunch and just make sure I eat salad and beans or hummus and carrots or some kind of protein with veggies. I’ll test once a day at supper and decide if I will take insulin at that time. LOL! All of this because economy stinks. Stephen was unemployed and we used all of our savings to cover us till he got activated the other day. He got his drivers lisc upgraded to a class A for truck driving. When he comes home; he should be able to land a job. I know… with military actovation comes tricare ins… but with the bills I cannot afford the co-pay. This is just a hopeful plan of making “D” living easier to deal with one meal at a time.
I just miss Stephen so much and the little ones are really having a rough go of it. Stephen-Patrick is 4 and lastnight he told me it was time to go pick up Daddy from the airport. "Daddy’s gone too long already. Mom."
At least now I know why pillows were made. They’re for huggin when you miss someone. They’re soft and they can soak up the tears easily too.
Well, tomorrow is another day. I’ll get stronger as it goes.I’ve done this deployment a few times already. I just need about a week to deal with the changes. I’m keeping busy for now. I’ve got a garden to til and plant, the kids schoolwork to grade. I’m going to start making some little sundresses to sell at a flea market this summer with the kids. ( a little money and sunshine will make it all worth while.)

Pardon my ignorance. Would the Partnership for prescription assistance be useful in your situation. http://www.pparx.org/ 1-888-4ppa-now (1-888-477-2669)