Ok, so I had to reschedule the appointment for today

I wasn’t able to go to the appointment yesterday because on Good Friday, we had some terrible tornadoes come through, luckily our subdivision wasn’t damaged, but there were others who were not as fortunate just about a mile from us. So, my appointment was set for yesterday and the weather people said that we were going to have strong storms again…so, I rescheduled for today so that Brady and I wouldn’t get caught out in bad weather. So, my appointment is at 2:30 today and I am trying to think of ways to take my mind off of having blood drawn. It is like a phobia for me…bad phobia to have being diabetic! I am really hoping Brady behaves while we are there, I have never taken him to the doctor with me. When I get back home, I will let everybody know how it goes :slight_smile:

If anybody has any pointers of what they do to help the blood drawing process, please share! Someone said the focus on breathing and try to relax. Which, I normally do that as well. I try to get the person to continue talking so I am distracted but as soon as they do it, I freeze, which constricts my veins. So, any other ideas would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Ha ha ha…a diabetic with a fear of needles? Can’t imagine how you manage that!..