Ok what are your complaints about having Diabetes today

Mine would be my cholesterol of 140 not great for a normal person but not considered high, been that way for years now I have to get it under 100 bah more meds for me.

i think my complaint is that i’m hungry but i really want to go 4 hours or more to see what my last bolus does :frowning:

My complaint today is that I had to throw out the candy corn since it has too many carbs. I love candy corn. It’s amazing how long my son’s Halloween candy is lasting without me eating any of it.

I get the pain on the candy corn. Talk about a carb bomb. It was always my favorite.

My chief complaint…actually my only complaint…is when I get a rash of unexplained highs or lows. I don’t mind the five shots and 8 tests a day. I don’t mind having to buy test strips, insulin, needles, plus my other meds for (supposedly) unrelated conditions. I don’t mind no longer being able to eat rice, cereal and pasta (I quit sugar years ago). I don’t even mind when I have to make a dose change, or when I get a high or low I can explain (too much insulin on board I forgot to add, too little insulin for the carbs, visiting a tropically hot resort, etc etc). It’s when I do everything “right” and it all goes completely wonky. That offends my sense of the order in the universe (yeah, I know, I need to get over that silly idea!)

Exhaustion would be my only real comlaint.

To-day : no complaints :slight_smile: …I even accepted my higher BG number today without a fight with ME …breakthrough time !!

the daylight is short and the wind is strong. makes for riding a bike not too fun.

Today would be my log, sugars are good keeping my log good on my meter but never remember to write it down on the one that goes to my endo.

I went to bed at 107 and at 3:00 AM I had a 189 for no reason – I hadn’t eaten for 6 hours. There’s only so much you can do to control diabetes, and the rest is sheer luck ( or unluck!).

You got that right, Natalie!