Okay New Subject!

Alright I know this website is based on all of us diabetics (which by the way i think they oughta rename it livabetes cause we’re all still living from it LoL) and I know it’s not always the topic we wanna talk about soooo…

What does everyone like to do for FuN?! :slight_smile:

You can name anyyyyythingggg

Water, water, water! Canoeing, boating, swimming, inner tubing, rafting, - you get the idea.

Gardening, heirloom tomatoes and veggie gardening.

Camping, hiking, and reading.

Especially enjoy laughing with friends.

Used to enjoy cooking and baking. Sorta had to give that up.

I like that – Live-abetes, because we are all trying to live through this. (Reminds me of how my sister, Diana, wanted her name changed because she did not like the “die” part of it).

For fun:

Hanging out with my daughter, reading a good book, watching a baseball game, lazing on the beach, watching tv, hanging with friends.

Playing with my kids. Its funny sometimes it seems like a chore (usually when I am trying to do chores) but when I do it, it never fails they always make me laugh.

Shots and blood tests are the only thing I _have_to_do. Everything else is me having some sort of fun. Even work…

Bob Dobbs says, “Don’t just eat a cheeseburger, eat the hell out of it”

I try to live by that rule…

For big fun…

Time at the range making small holes in paper from a long ways away.
Flight simming, since the FAA cannot make rules against me doing it that way… 8^)
Antique house restoration
travel, of any kind


Cook (not very good at it, but I pretend Im a chef lol)
Watching tv
Playing on pogo
Play with the dogs

LoL I know what ya mean by not being very good at cooking. I made my husband an omlet and he looked at it and then looked at me. That was a bad sign but even I had to laugh.

Not do housework
Starve the children
Ignore my mother

Yvonne, why did you give it up ?

You should tell sis that the name Diana, is the name of the goddess, the goddess, I can’t remember but she’s the goddess of something. True


spend time with my daughters and granddaughters
go for a long walk on a beach
work on my backyard (flowers)
watch a good movie with my husband and snuggle with him


At least we try right? =]

xbox360. I just started playing Halo Wars last night, but my wife hates video games.

LoL I’m gonna have to go with your wife on this one. I’m not much of a gamer although my huseband and I recently got the Nintendo Wii and it’s actually pretty fun.

Spend time with my grandaugher, quilt, make dolls, make jewelry, board games, console games, PC games, belly dance, drums learning to play the guitar

my husband and I play…he is much better than I, but we have fun anyway–though I much prefer Gears of War II :slight_smile:

Josephine, well the short version is that I got divorced and now only cook for myself or for friends. I don’t eat many carbs right now, so I stopped baking. It’s lots easier to exercise self-control when there isn’t food around that needs my self-control.

OMG----forgot to add BASEBALLL–I am sooooooo brain dead sometimes–Go Braves–start the season with a Philly sweep! (BTW–I love to watch Philly play too–they have THE best mascot ever!)

hmm good topic! Fun stuff:

#1 Traveling!