Oklahoma should be called pumpahoma!

When I was in texas the only people I EVER saw with a pump was my CDE and my doctors daughter. But in the year I have lived in Oklahoma I have meet/seen at least 20 people (in Lawton) with a pump!!! So I am changing the states names.

Here on my choices:

  1. Pumpahoma
  2. Diahome
  3. Type1oma
  4. Insulinoma

Thats all I can think about

1- Pumpahoma sounds nice !!

Wow 20 in just Lawton? I was born in Lawton and my family lives in north Texas now. I’m in Maine for school though lol. One of my good friends in Oklahoma was diagnosed type 1 several years before I was.

I know… I was suprised, I have from Texas (I lived in DFW metro for 16 yrs on and off and then Houston for 2 yrs) In DFW there was a couple of kids in my school that had the pump but I really didn’t talk to them then in Houston there was only a couple that I saw. But I have seen sooooooo many here in Lawton.

I like option one

I vote for Pumpahoma too!

Heh, weird. I am down in Bryan, TX and I have seen multiple people with pumps. Probably about 4 here on campus (Texas A&M) and then I met one at the hospital. (She was a nurse) I notice the pumps by accident for the most part. People like to keep them hidden, and it also keeps them a bit cooler then sitting out in the sun.

Dan I need to com back to Texas send me a plane ticket…I need so good food and civilization.

Poor college student. Sorry but airtravel is not in my budget. :frowning:

The food here is good though. Real TX-MEX. Hmm, I think tacos should be for supper. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am a poor college student too. Oh I miss REAL TEX-MEX!!! How i long for good mexican food. I keep joking that I am coming back and brings a Jose, and Maria, Some New Orlenes people up here to show thm how to cook good food. I need some creole and some mexican food dang it now I am hungry!!!

I moved Portland Maine from the Dallas Texas area for the first year in a three year program, and I miss the tex-mex so bad!!! Found a good place called Margaritas … the food was ok but not like home!