Okra for reducing blood sugars

What works for me is Bitter Melon every time I eat that vegetable my BG level the lowest in the morning is 65. This vegetable can be found on Asian Grocery Stores. If you're interested message me and I will give you the recipe on how to cook it. My neighbor who is also T2 also swears by it, He cut them into pieces boils it then put it on a blender and drink it eeeeeeeeeeeewwww. I rather cook it with some shrimp tomatoes and onions for better taste.
I have tried okra only a slight change cut both ends and soak it in water for 12 hours then drink it taste a little slimy.
I meds are Invokana, Glimepiride, and Lantus average in the morning is 80 to 125 without the Bitter Melon. I'm T2. for the last 20 years.

Many years ago I was reading a book by the people who run Native Seeds/Search, an outfit in Arizona which researches ancestral diets and attempts to preserve the associated crop seeds. They described the rampant diabetes in SW American Indians when switched from their traditional diets to Standard American Diet. They discussed at length how many such ancestral foods were mucilaginous, such as soaked chia seeds and nopales (cactus pads) as just a couple of examples. They found the mucus coated the stomach and slowed the absorption of carbohydrates. Kind of like a natural 'time release' capsule for carbs.

Okra, though not US native, is a similarly mucilaginous food. So are relatively low carb flax seeds. Personally I'd be surprised if any such food didn't have the same effects as okra.

A similar phenomenon may explain why many diabetics get different readings from straight carbs and the same amount of carbs accompanied by fats. Fats may similarly coat, soothe, and protect. =)

I have my own version of the Okra "cure". My mom passed it to me. I cut the pieces into small slices, dip them into an egg / milk mix followed by a nice cornmeal / flour mix. This is all followed by putting the outcome into some very hot oil to lock in the "diabetes destroying" flavonoids! (my word).

Will keep trying it until it works! LOL. A little piece of the south that I enjoy here in PA.