Old rosie oxford cider and insulin

hi, im going to be going to england for the month of august and am really looking forward to visiting friends in oxford where we all used to do summer work.
one of the best things about oxford, besides punting and pimms and cornish pasties, is old rosie cider, a no bubble yummy alcoholic cider.

i was wondering if anyone drinks cider and how they do it. i only drink dry white wine since diagnosis and when im on a night out i might have a rum / cocacola zero. the wine usually leaves me with good numbers and the rum can spike me but i dont need bolus insulin to bring it down, just comes down by itself before bed. always have to have a snack before bed if i drink.

i am t1, take 11 units of levemir split am and pm, almost even. my bolus is apidra but i try not to use it. i exercise a lot and must be covering some of my meals with the basal.

can anyone advise?

Calorieking and myfitnesspal have it listed as 18gm carb per 500ml so you will need to bolus for the carbs in the cider in addition to what the carbs are in the meal you have it with. 500 ml is 16.9 fl oz, so slightly more than a US pint.

It's about the same carbs in a good craft beer, so if you drink beer and bolus for it I would use the same method. You can always try some of the locally available ciders and see what it does to your numbers. I can get strongbow locally, so you might be able to as well.
You can find calorie and carb info online.

Also remember the is a difference between imperial measurements and US measurements. An imperial pint =1.2 us pints.

thanks hobbit and eucritta! i really REALLY dont want to miss out on cider this summer. i think ill only need a pint anyway, its strong as all bugger! i cant believe they have it in calorieking-didnt even think to look there!

Calorieking, myfitnesspal, sparkpeople, and livestrong to name a few - you can compare the locally available ciders to Westons ciders so you can "pre test" your dosing. Have fun "perfecting" your dosing!