Older T 1 folks kickin it healthy

I feel like some uplifting stories haha… any older folks who have had T 1 for years but have developed little or no complications and have managed to live a very healthy lifestyle?

…I have this dream about living in a nifty cottage in the south of france with my 11 cats when i’m 90 and still making kick - a$$ artwork and pumping iron…and insulin… maybe even with my very own innovative “iron” pancreas! hehe

a women can dream!!

Hi I do not know if I am a long time t1 but I have had diabetes since I was 10 and since i am over 50 I guess I am a long timer… HEHEHEHE!!! I have a few complications but I am living life with a positive attitude and loving my life. I would like to live somewhere warm and be able to have fun even when I am much older. today I am living in the USA and having an interesting time of it since I am no longer working. I would love to be able to visit a place where I have never been. Like Ireland since that is where my father’s heritage is. I think I might go there someday but right now it is only a dream. I pump insulin but not iron since I have this weird arthritis issue that limits my motion with weights. So I walk my dogs and have fun watching them chase squirrels in our back yard.
boring yes but I never claimed to be a person with much outgoing… does this fit into your blog?
Smiling gives everyone around you a pleasant feeling and helps keep the duldrums from taking control!

Hey Jill! I’m 39 years Type I and going strong.