Olivia's Quilt

I finished Olivia's quilt square for the "Quilt for Life" - part of CWD (children with diabetes). Her quilt shows a little bit of everything - importantly, all of her favorite things!! There are over 600 quilts that will be displayed in Washington DC on August 4th and 5th. My family will be attending this event. My Aunt lives in Arlington,VA only about 10 minutes away so we are planning on making it a mini vacation and going to see some of the sites too. I sent it in the mail yesterday!

Just going there and watching Olivia find her quilt and see others who are going through the same things she is going through I’m sure will be emotional for me to watch/experience. I’m happy that I completed this quilt for her and that we are playing apart to raise awareness!! Connie (mother of Brooke) says it best when she said - “Putting a story behind the disease will hopefully empower Congress to work harder & quicker with various organizations to ensure that we find a cure for everyone dealing with diabetes”.

Wow! That is beautiful and so sweet. I love it.

This is soooo precious!! I am jealous…I just couldn’t find the time to get one done…and I’d love to be there to see all the quilts. I hope you take lots of pictures so we can all be there…in a way!!:slight_smile:

It’s beautiful and I’m sure it will be a special part of Olivia’s life, forever.

Beautiful Quilt!

i love this!

Thanks you guys! I made Olivia an identical one for her to keep. I’m looking forward to seeing all the quilts too. It is a great way to raise awareness!! I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures to share with all of you.

I’d love to hear about your experience at this event!