Olivia's Special Bracelet!

Before we left for a vacation @ Topsail Island, NC I ordered a medical bracelet for Olivia from the company www.stickyj.com and it arrived two days before we left! At first Olivia didn't want to wear it. She kept saying the word "yucky". My husband and I decided that we would leave for Topsail around 10:00pm. (This way both of our daughters would sleep most of the way and we would also avoid pulling over to eat/give shots/etc.) When it came time to leave I could not find her medical bracelet. It looks like this...

I looked everywhere!! My sister who was going to watch our house and pets helped me look everywhere. No luck! I then asked Olivia "do you know where your medical bracelet is?" Her response "yes". But there was no way she was going to help me find it! Our first thought - she threw it away. The worst part - my husband already took the garbage to the bottom of the hill (everyone on our hill shares the same bin). The worst part for him - I made him go get the garbage and look through it! But to no avail, it was not in the garbage. I was too worried to drive 13 hours without her wearing a medical bracelet. What if something happened? Would medical personal really look inside my bag to find medical information? I WANTED THAT BRACELET!!!! Then right before I gave up I finally found it - it was in Olivia's play kitchen - in the OVEN!! Here she is wearing her special "yucky" bracelet :)

I sympathize with Olivia. I can’t stand anything on my wrists. When I was her age, I had one of those tennis shoe tags. Now I wear a necklace.