Omg I might be pregnant

I think I may be preg and my blood sugars are way outof control my last a1c was 10!!! I am making a dr apt in the morning to get seen right away but I am freaking out over being prggers and with a child with a birth defect or still birth!!! I have a two year old who was born healthy because I was always on top of my blood sugars NOW WHAT???ugh I can sleep !!!

Did you take a home pregnancy test? I’m glad they could get you in soon, as they will need to make adjustments ASAP if you are pregnant. I’m sure you remember from your pregnancy before, high numbers aren’t tolerated by OBs, perinatologists, or endos. You’ll have to let us know how your appointment goes. I know it’s hard, but try and stay relaxed. :slight_smile: