Omg the pain... but i need to do this for my baby!

hi im a diabetic with sensory neuropathy, thats ALOT of poain, and i am havin an unplanned peggnancy. today the doctors stopped one of my pain killers for 4 weeks while the baby develops, because its not good for the baby. but i am in so much pain already, its like blistering sunburn and electric shocks runing thro my legs. i AM doing this for the baby! but it gets so bad it makes me cry and keeps me up all night. the less sleep i get the worse the pain gets, now i know that is all in the mind coz of lack of sleep, but im really going to find this hard, any ideas to help with the pain?? would be nice to hear some pleaes people xx

You could try acupunture. It’s effective for pain relief. Sorry you’re dealing with such terrible pain!

Would ice numb it or just make it worse?

Ugh - good luck.

I don’t have sensory neuropathy, but I use a bio-flow magnetic bracelet to help with pain, also accupuncture and sometimes a tens machine, I don’t know if any of those options might be of help to you, hope the time passes quickly for you x