Omipod and other pumps

I recently read an omnipod discussion about how happy everyone was with their omnipods. I was suprised at how almost everyone of these people only had one or two issues and only had an “occlusion” about once a month.
I am puzzled as why this is acceptable? I expect my pump to be worry free.
The only problems I have had are with my CGM.

I have had no issues with the Cosmore I started out with or the minimed I currently have. I don’t know what an occlusion even is. I tried the omnipod sample when I was replacing my Cosmore. It fell off after a couple hours. When I tried to explain it to the sales gal, she couldn’t understand. I’ve read on the omnipod site that this same issue happens with a lot of other users. I hope that the Omnipod company is aware of all the issues and is working to improve them. At this point I cannot risk going to an omnipod until these issues are fixed. Good luck to all of you.

I agree that people should expect little to no issues with their pump - after all, it's keeping them alive. Something that had an occlusion once a month is WAY too frequent and I wouldn't stand for it. I used a MM Paradigm for a bit over 2 years, and now an Animas PING for a bit over 1.5 years...and I've only ever had one occlusion (with the MM).

I've never used the Omnipod so I can't give a full review, but I've read a lot of negative reviews/experiences as well...

why would you expect any piece of technology to be worry free, impervious of mistakes? it's just a piece of equipment. We, as users of the pump, the navigators are also prone to make mistakes too, humans - techonology - diabetes...nothing about that mix is 'worry free'.

People's experiences vary. I just finished my 5th box of pods (50 pods) and have had no failures whatsoever. That's not very much experience, I realize, but the failure rate for me is certainly less than once a month.

I have been on monopod for 3 yrs was in love for the 1st couple of years, no worries about where to place my pump when wearing a dress and insertion was super easy! This last year I started having or noticing all the pod failures an highs after insertion (that I can’t stand I hate it!!!) and gushers I’ve had a few of these the past few months not to mention the occlussions I can’t wait for March 2012 when my insurance will cover for the Animas pump I’ve had it with omnipod!

Exactly....and if you don't like it , don't use it!

Some pumps suit some people's life and some suit one is trying to make everyone use the same thing (except maybe some insurance companies!)

I defiantly like the pumps now adays compared to the ones I had as a kid…the first one had no alarms and the insulin was diluted with saline. It had knobs to adjust the insulin dosages.

I loved my Cosmore. I had to eventually get rid of it after the company went bust. I finally settled on the minimed because it was the only one I could find where I wouldn’t have to carry an additional device around for the CGM. But I would love to go tubeless someday!

Although nothing is completely worry free, I would like it as worry-“less” as possible. I think we already have enough to worry about.