Omipod errors


My daughter just started the Omipod insulin pod. So far mixed results. Still trying to get rates established but it’s looking like she is going to like it. She has AC1s in the 10 range so we are excited to see her average being 101 for the week which has never happened.

My questions to those that use Omipod - 1) how often have you experienced pod failure? We’ve only had one so far and of course, it was right after I loaded with 300 units of insulin. I think it was placement issue more than anything - it had blood in the cannula and then was fogging up the screen and hurting whenever she moved.

2nd question - has anyone tried to get the insulin back out of the pod when it fails? I’m worried that my insurance is not going to pay for extra insulin for pod malfunctions.

I think the pod only holds 200 units of insulin. That is why I change my pod every other day. They tell you not to withdraw the insulin, but I think most of us have at some time or another. I think these questions would be best answered by calling the customer service number. They are there 24/7. The syringe that comes with the pod is only for 200 units, which is the most you can put in the pod. Are you using more???

No, I’m using the syringe so you’re right, it must be 200 units. We’ve only had it a week. I’m still trying to figure out the language of basal and bolus, etc!

Pod Definitely holds 200U max
Out of 30 or 40 pods I have experienced 3 failures I believe was due to placement it happened right after I put it on and I pulled the insulin right back out. The 2nd was an occlusion occurrence which im not sure why it went south I also pulled the insulin I was about 30hrs into using it pulled 100 units back out and the 3rd pod just would not start at all my PDM would not “See” it to prime it so I then pulled it out basically it was new. my rule on pulling insulin out just depends on how its been in and the conditions I have been while wearing that particular pod. If I feel the insulin is denatured by then I will not use or waste a pod on insulin that maybe Iffy. I also found out my insurance company charges me the rate for the maximum amount of vials of insulin as for a smaller order. I just had my doc write my script for the largest amount I can order. This way I have extra for the small money and if something were to happen I would have a little stash to hold me for abit. pod failure rate does not seem near as high as I had read about before I started possibly OPod is making them better. Omnipod has replaced every pod that failed they got some info like the pod lot serial# and error from the PDM and 2 days later I had a new pod! Don’t give up I love my OPod and it took awhile but everything is coming in line and my sugars are the best they have ever been I start with a1c of 13+


I started off using the Omnipod. The Omnipod was why I finally decided to start pump therapy in the first place because of the tubeless feature. But I ended up changing to the Minimed due to a high pod failure rate and other errors with the system itself that I just got tired of dealing with. But don’t get me wrong…WHEN it worked I thought it was the most wonderful thing ever!! Some people seem to have very few problems with the system so hopefully your pod failure rate will not be as bad as mine was. Maybe I was just one of the unlucky ones! :frowning: I do remember that it was cautioned that you should not remove the insulin out of the pod if it must be removed. But I was having to throw so much insulin away because of pod failures or other issues that I was really upset watching money be thrown down the drain! I asked a rep at the time about this and he told me it was ok to remove insulin from the pod if need be if taken out within the first day. So I personally did on numerous occasions without any problems with re-using the insulin. Congrats on your daughters numbers looking so much better! That’s great! I don’t know what your insurance is like but you may also just want to ask her DR to give you a new RX for more insulin per month due to having the insulin pump. I had to do that and it worked out fine for me. Good luck!!

I’ve been using it for about 3 or 4 months! My first box must of had somethin wrong cuz like 3 or 4 pods failed. But they say to expect at least on out of every box. but in the last 2 boxes I havent had a failure. :slight_smile:
The best place that works for me is my arms and my sides and my lower back. :slight_smile: My somach i really cant use because i have an insulin not from to many shot in the stomach. it seems to hurt if its not close to a bone with some fat on it. because if theres nothing behind it hurts alot to touch it. i dont know what they told u but i dont recomend pinching the skin if theres not much skin because when u let go the skin goes back down and the cannula kinda comes out. and if you are having trouble with it sticking i recommend a liquid addesive called Mastisol it keeps the pod on secure. and if u have problems with taking it off us uni-solve it dissloves the ashesive most pharmacies will order it!
YES i have pulled the insulin out of the pod after it failed. they said in the class that they cant reccomend it but u can do it. :slight_smile:
I know for a fact that insurance wont pay for the insulin but if u call the company after the pod fails and talk to them and tell them what happened they will replace it. but keep the pod handy because they ask for numbers off the pod:)

if u have any more questions message me! i will be happy to answer any questions you have!

We have been on the Opod for 18months, switched from minimed. I say we because it is my 8 yo son with the diabetes. We have had 2 authentic pod failures and we pulled the insulin out each time. We have had 4or5 user failures, one being an occlusion which is not really the pod’s fault but a physiologic fault…our bodies were not meant to have something sticking in the skin. We had a “it got caught on the edge of a seat” and ripped the cannula out. We have been ecstatic about the Opod. My son is better controlled, it is convenient and hidden for the most part. We just prep the skin with alcohol and usually have trouble getting is off at 3 days. It does take a few months to dial in the individual basal and bolus settings but once you get comfortable it is a dream. My son’s a1c was in the 8’s and since pump the low 7’s and have been the high 6’s with the Opod

uni-solve works great to dissolve the adhesive off!