Omni pod customer service. In Canada

Has anyone here noticed a decline in the customer service in Canada, I just called them to place an order and it was like he was doing me a favour by taking my order/money. Last time I called they screwed up an put $900.00 on the wrong card which really messed things up for me. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed a problem.

Society in general has a real problem. Customer service as a norm seems to becoming increasingly bad. Sorry you had that experience. Hopefully Insulet learns of this employees shortcomings and repairs them soon.

something similar happened to me, they put my order on the wrong card, and when I figured it out, I called them and they switched the money to the correct card with no problem.

They are human, could have been a bad day for the service guy you got. what mattered for me is that they got things fixed quickly. so in the end I am still happy.

any other problems happen to you, besides this, to make you think the service is going down?

Honestly it was just the guys poor attitude that got me. I have been in customer service my whole life and I know that when I pick up the phone, whatever your mood is that day to leave it behind and deal with the customer the same way you would like to be dealt with. As far as the wrong card issue I didn’t find out about it until my bill arrived in the mail and I was over my limit which ended up costing me money, it really annoyed me because when I placed the order I was very pacific about which card I wanted to be used, it’s $900.00 we are talking about and in my world that’s not peanuts. Anyway have a great day everyone.