Omni pod

I started on the omni pod at 10am this morning… SO far so good. I knew the moment I knew what a pump was, omni pod was the one for me. I am a very active person. I am a figure skater, as well as a figure skating coach. That in it’s self keeps me extremely busy! The tubing was just not an option for me! I hope to keep everyone updated on my progress.

SO. I still like the pod afer the frist night… did have a little scare though… I went to the gym last night and ran 3 miles and did some ab work. WE got home around 8pm and then ate @ 8:45pm. When I checked my sugar it was 85 and said that there was no bolus for the meal… Well I ate 60 gr of carbs (this is what the CDE says I need to eat if I can)… so I checked my BG 2 hrs later and was at 275… so like the pump suggested I took a bolus… well that bolus was WAY WASY WAY TOO MUCH and I went low around 12:15am… FUN FUN…NOT!!!
Any sugesstions?

I also just strted a few days ago.
I love the no tubing…But then I never had a pump with tubing…but like you as soon as I knew I would be pumping
it has to be Omni Pod.


Welcome to the Podding world.