Omni Podders using the Navigator

Anyone out there?
My daughter, 16.5 yrs old (dx @6) just started with her Navigator last week. She loved it the first few days but beeps in the night are driving her crazy!!!
Also, any hints on how BEST to combine the two technologies would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

HI Lynn,

I am an omnipodder who also uses the Navigator. I will try and offer some experiences that I have had which may be helpful to your daughter but first I need some information.

You mention that the Nav is beeping at night keeping her awake? What alarms is it setting off? I had an issue with projected low readings and it would go off every now and then wrecking my sleep. I did tow things to correct this from happening. First, I turned off the projected alarm at night and set my low alarm to a level where I wanted it to wake me. That number is different for everyone. After monitoring my numbers at night I became comfortable with a number for my use based on trends in the graphing function.

I also noticed that if I had the transmitter on my belly and slept on my stomach the signal in rare circumstances would get messed up. I try and wear it on my arm but I am pretty lean and sometimes it can get uncomfortable.

As you may know Insulet is hopefully going to have a version in the future that will combine both receivers. The best way shortly will be to get your navigator software (available now) and when the new PDM is available you will be able to download both the PDM and the Navigator into the same software and see the trends. This will be a great tool for all of us.

Right now I find it helpful to view my overnight readings to make sure my basal does is adequate and the trending is very helpful. It is critical to calibrate the unit. I have found data to be mixed when I miss a calibration.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Seth!
I’ll share your suggestions with her. We’re really new to this and, of course, I’m not the one using/setting the device. She’ll certainly know what you mean by “what alarms.” Maybe she can use different night time settings…
Her A1Cs have been high - one of the reasons for hoping the Navigator will help! I’m sure much of what she’s experiencing now is transitional as she gets used to the device. She also needs to take a look at her short-term trends and possibly reset her night basal rates – we’ll see.
We’ve yet to receive our Navigator software but it’s been ordered.
I can’t wait for the “marriage” of these two devices!!! Two separate receivers is a pain - especially for a female who keeps her “stuff” in a bag vs. on a belt clip!
Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hi Lynn

I have been using the combo for almost a year now, and they are a fantastic pair. Seth’s comments are spot on, take a look at how your daughter has her alarms set. I personally can’t stand the “beeping” alarms and only use vibration. The only downside to this is that apparently it makes my wife dream that she is being attacked by bees when I have a night of lows. Of course it is dependent on the users ability to respond to what ever alarm is selected, but I’ve gotten to the point where the short vibrate alarm will wake me up, at least enough to reduce my basal and eat a glucose tab.
Carrying around multiple devices is really annoying but the control it provides is worth it in the end, even if I feel like I need a purse to tote it all. I to am excited about the software finally becoming available; it’s going to be a huge step in tying it all together from a macro perspective. Just need a Mac version…


Thanks Tim!

I’m forwarding your post (& Seth’s) to my daughter. Took a look at your profile (b/c from the tiny thumbnail it LOOKED so) and you ARE part of Team Type 1! Anna (my daughter) and Phil are friends (through camp, etc.). She’s asked him about the Navigator - is he still using the Omni Pod too? I know he was not inclined to pump for a long time.

I think the “multiple device” issue is even more difficult for females – at least you guys can clip the devices to your belts! She tosses hers in her bag - then often “forgets” or is “too busy” to act when she should! I’m hoping some of that’s her age too.

Thanks again,

I started the Navigator in November 2008 and the Omnipod in May 2009. I love the Navigator.