Omnipod 5--a cautionary tale

I was so excited about the Omnipod 5! Finally something that will regulate my lows at night zooming into the 500’s by morning. Well, I, like many of you, have not been able to get the starter kit. But I had an appointment with the diabetes educator. It was at that meeting that I found it will not work with having a cell phone, and oh no, not just any cell phone but only certain ones. Certainly not the one I had bought on July 1st. Thanks Omnipod for sharing that little nugget with people.

The CDE gave me a list of phones that it will work with. I went to the Verizon store to see what can be done. The guy at the store spotted that one of the people on my plan has a phone that was on the CDE’'s list. So later that afternoon I got one of the guys on my plan to go to Verizon to swap phones. It was there that we learned that the Omnipod 5 app would not download. The second Verizon guy said that the phones on the list are all dated but maybe I can get one through EBay.

Before I buy another phone and am stuck (I am already still paying off the phone I got) I asked Omnipod to send me the definitive list both through sending them an email through the web site and spent 2 hours on hold before I had to give up and leave a message. We will see what happens.

I guess it was a case of caveat emptor. Live is already hard enough for diabetics.