Omnipod Alarms

Did I read some where that you can’t turn off that dang stupid reminder to check blood sugar, that the FDA forced them to put that in? I can’t find it in my searches and wondered if people found this to be true. I have tried to turn it off with no luck, nothing like a pod failure in the middle of the night, changing the pod only to be awakened an hour later with that idiotic reminder. Could I move Big Ben to the house of the president of Omnipod to let them experience being awakened every hour with that alarm?

It is true that it can’t be turned off on the U.S. version.

The way to turn it off would be to get a Canadian PDM. It is my understanding that our friends up north have that option, although I have not seen it personally.

The workaround is to put the PDM in a different room, or in a sock drawer or somewhere far enough away that you don’t hear it, since at night you would only need it if you wanted to do a bolus.

It is extremely annoying. I think it’s probably rooted from before Cgm’s were commonly used and the new pod might not be working so they want to make sure you checked it.

Now it’s just annoying that you don’t have the option of turning it off.

I am no longer using an Omnipod, but whenever I got the alarm, I just entered my CGM number or just made up a reasonable number. Then you won’t get more alarms. Yes, the people that design those alarms don’t understand that they give us little protection but lots of annoyance and stress.

Sadly true. I wish it could be turned off. I never tested after a change even when I didn’t have CGM.


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