Omnipod and a NJ Plan D Coverage

I’m soon to retire (live in NJ), and I’m looking for information as to which Plan D in NJ would cover either Omnipod 5 or Dash.
Before I start individually calling Plan D providers, any information that gives me a head start, will be greatly appreciated.

Most plans should have a formulary for prescription items, when you review details and compare plans.
Or there are medicare brokers that can help with plan selection and can check to confirm pharmacy benefits.

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Didn’t think, or actually, didn’t know there are brokers that can help with this issue.
I will start looking or researching brokers here in NJ.
Thanks for your help and response!

He gets to drug coverage at some point - and talking about formularies. Medicare is trickier.

Here is one example from a quick search.

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One of the best Omnipod, Dexcom, and Libre suppliers isn Edgepark (, 800.321.0591). Just have your doctor send a prescription and set up for “continue care” to be on a refill schedule. Be aware that online orders may require a verification code which will come from, not Edgepark (ah, corporate reallignments!).

I’ve used others and they are the easiest and the most reliable on quick shipments.

You might not need to go to an insurance broker unless NJ has some special rule … just sign up with Medicare for Part D. Those Plus programs often impose more requirements and limits, and issue denials, above and beyond plain vanilla Medicare.

That’s my experience, truly, as a consumer.

If you haven’t done so already, I would call Omnipod to get advice on this.