OmniPod and Apidra

I just switched my daughter from Humalog to Apidra this past Friday. I was told that we'd need to change her Pods every two days instead of our usual every three days. But every three days is still working out fine.

I have noticed this, however: You know how sometimes when you put on a new Pod, it seems like it takes a few boluses before the insulin starts getting delivered? Well, this issue is clearly worse after switching to Apidra. Does anyone else here use Apidra in their OmniPod? Do you experience this same delay?

Thank you in advance for your input.

Tiki's Mom

I used Apridra for a long time and yes that happens. I always gave myself an extra unit of insulin before I changed it but DON'T DO THAT WITHOUT TALKING TO HER PHYSICIAN. That just worked for me. BG always went up after pod changes. Good luck.

I don’t believe Apidra is approved for use in Omnipod. There were issues.

Hi Rose! I use Apidra in my OmniPod. I also have no issues on the third day. On occasion I had found that my blood glucose would rise initially after a pod change. However, I have since waited to change my pods immediately before bolusing for a meal; I find that this helps me to avoid elevated glucose levels post-pod change.

Best of luck to you and your daughter!

I know that Apidra cannot be used in the t:slim pump, but I've not heard of it not being approved for use with the OmniPod pump.

t:slim + Apidra = instant occlusion

(I've also heard that Apidra quickly becomes the consistency of sludgy motor oil in a t:slim pump.)

I read once a published study about superiority in time of onset of action of apidra comparing to humalog. After reading it, I decided to try and see. To be honest, I have not noticed a difference. But my friend, on CGM as I, had worse control on Apidra, with blood sugars spiking faster after meal. So, her experience was opposite to the one in the study. I don't have a good explanation for such a difference. I know people using Apidra, Humalog, Novolog in the pumps. I think the key is personalization = experiment and lear your body.

I used apidra in T-slim. Had first occlusion after 4 days.

Good advice! I believe that the relative efficacy of one type of insulin over another is very much a YDMV sort of thing. After about a week now, it looks like we've gotten the hang of using Apidra and it actually has resulted in my daughter needing to pre-bolus by only 10 minutes (as opposed to 30 to 45 minutes for Humalog.)

The OmniPod is most definitely approved for use with Apidra.

From Insulet’s own FAQs:

What type of insulin should I use with the Pod?

The Pod is designed to be used with U-100 rapid-acting insulin. The following U-100 rapid-acting insulin analogs have been tested and found to be safe for use in the Pod: Novolog,® Humalog,® or Apidra.® Before using a different insulin with the OmniPod System, check the insulin drug label to make sure it can be used with a pump and consult with your healthcare professional.

Yes, apidra (usually) is known to kick in faster, and fade out sooner (3 hours or less).
When you change the site for a new set/pod, a little of insulin is required underskin to:
- fill the cannula
- be absorbed by local skin cells
- make a path to reach capillar blood vessels
Because of apidra lasts less than humalog/novolog, if you don't give enough insulin after pod change you miss a bigger amount of basal, so it takes time to "start the site"

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I used Apidra for years in my Omnipod...Never had a problem. Recently I HAD to switch to Humalog (Insurance reasons). I've had more issues in the past few months with Humalog than I ever did with Apidra.