Omnipod and corrections

Can someone clarify for me. I have seen conflicting info on this site and others–and from Insulet Customer Care. Does the Omnipod calculate insulin on board to recommend a correction for a food bolus? I know the system only displays IOB for corrections but an Insulet Customer Care rep told me the system does calcuate the insulin on board for a straight food bolus (no correction) and may recommend a correction at a later BG–it just doesn’t display the IOB. So for example, let’s say my daughter’s BG is right on target and then eats 30 carbs and takes 2 units of insulin. 2hrs later–with a 4hr action time–her number is high–does the pump recommend a correction based on the assumption that she has approx 1 unit left? Or, just like when we did injections should we ignore the high BG until the 4hr window has passed? I had one Insulet rep (CDE) tell me that it would not show any insulin from the food bolus because it assumes you dosed correctly and matched to the food. However, when we test, the pump does recommend a correction if the number is out of range–even in the 4hr window. I had another Customer Care rep tell me the pump did estimate how much insulin was used based on the action time and would suggest a correction–but would not show the IOB in the actual calcuation (unless there was a correction amount in the previously recommended bolus).