Omnipod and scuba diving

My minimed just died so I'm looking at my options for a new pump. I have it narrowed down between the OneTouch Ping and the Omnipod. Both of which fit my requirements of being waterproof and a remote bolus option.

I am hoping to get some feedback on the omnipod and scuba diving. I spend a large part of my time diving so I am trying to get some information on wearing the omnipod at depth. I'm not concerned about the pump getting wet as I am a drysuit diving but about the effects of the pressure on the pod.

I'm waiting for a company rep to call me back but I'm expecting the standard "it hasn't been tested.... and they can't guarantee..." All the normally legal stuff companies give when they are making sure they protect themsleves.

Considering how few scuba diving diabetics there are, I figure it's a long shot but does anyone have any experience/info about diving with an omnipod. I'll probably end up going with the ping but love the idea of being tubeless.

Thanks in advance,


Your a experienced diver you should be familiar with Boyle's law, why would you even consider exerting pressure to a container full of insulin that is attached to your body. If the vent on the pump fails to work properly and does not equalize the pressure inside the pump when you surface it will push all if the insulin into your body...

90 foot depth equals 40psi....good luck

Medtronic recalled over a million infusion sets just because a few of them had silicon lubricant on the surface of the vent media which could cause the case to build up pressure inside which would force the insulin out of the resavoir into the body.

None of the pump company's are going to approve deep sea diving. JMHO

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