Omnipod and sports

My son just started the Omnipod last week. We have had some good and bad days so far. What advice do you have for where to put the pod and how to stabalize it while playing volleyball and basketball? He isn’t having a problem with the pod staying on, he has trouble with it moving while playing sports. Thanks for any advice you may have!

I swim, bike, and run w/ my pod on. When it’s on my back, there’s not really an issue with it moving (if there is an issue, he could wear a tight fitting shirt like underarmour to hold it in place, and then put whatever shirt on top of it). On my arms, the pod creates a lot of drag during my stroke (feels like it wants to pull off). So I wrap it with a coban type wrap (like after you give blood, the wrap that sticks to itself without any clips or pins, etc). This works great for me and keeps it from ‘flopping’ and potentially ripping the weld points where the fabric attaches. Good luck to your son with continuing his activities!

Depending on where you have it, you might be able to use a self-adhering bandage over the pod to help hold it in place. It works well for me when playing sports to keep it snug, but only if it is in a place like arm or thigh where I can wrap the bandage around.
See this comment where I described the kind of thing I use:

When I play basketball, I plan for the pod to be on my upper inner thigh (about where your hands hit when you put them in your pockets). I’ve never had one knocked off there. You might have your son try some of those close-fitting undershorts designed to prevent hamstrong and groin injuries. They would provide some extra protection against bumps.

How old is he? If he’s not real young, I find the pod stays in place well on the leg. It’s nice to have it there for sports… because it stays on so firmly.

He is almost 16. For some reason, he won’t wear it on his leg. Where on your leg do you wear it?

I am a figure skater, so not only do I skate, but I run and am at the gym quite a bit… I wear mine mostly on my lower back and don’t notice it too much back there… I sometimes wear it on my arm, but I feel like it moves a little there… hope this helps

That stuff worked awesome on his arm. He played volleyball last night with it and it stayed on the whole time. He really liked it. Thanks!

I wear it on my thigh. When standing, it’s where my palm hits my leg.