OmniPod and Surgery

Greetings - new to the site, and new user of a pump as well. I’m having shoulder surgery in about 10 days, and am curious about managing the omnipod while under general anesthesia. Any experience out there? Words of wisdom? (Besides turning back the clock and not tearing up my shoulder in the first place - LOL)

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I’ve been through a c-section wearing an OmniPod. As per my endo’s instructions, I turned it off when I went into the OR (I had been fasting for several hours) and then was able to test and turn it back on in the recovery room. While in the OR, my husband was monitoring my bg levels on my CGM.

I would check with your endo, they might want you to turn it off or down an hour or two before if you’re having a longer surgery. Also, talk to your surgeon to make sure they’re OK with your plan.

Good luck, hope your shoulder feels better soon!

Hi! I’ve had (all at different times) a right shoulder rotator cuff repair and a right knee repair along with 7 fingers for trigger finger repair all while wearing the omnipod under general anesthesia. Per my endo’s instructions and with pre-op conversations with the hospital’s anesthesia coordinator, I’ve left the pod on with the basal cut down by 50%. It worked well for me I only had one high (240) after a surgery. As soon as I am out of the recovery room I put the basal back up. I agree with julie, that you should definitely talk with your endo and surgeon beforehand. Hope everything works out well! Good luck!

Hi…I offered up this inquiry late last year…

Thanks, everyone - this is exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. I do have an appt with my endo 3 days before the surgery, so I think that you’re all confirming what my basic instincts were regarding the pump.

I’ll be fasting for 8 hrs prior to the anesthesia, so my real concern, of course, is avoiding a low related to my basal rate. Everything you’re all saying makes great sense to me.