Omnipod Closed Loop Trials

You can now also Loop with the Dash pods using Loopdev. I started two weeks ago. You have to be a little more code savvy and be willing to tweak a bit, but I’ve been pleased with the results so far…

@Marie20 I had a problem with my PDM (using Dash), called Insulet and told them the battery wasn’t holding a charge, and they sent me a new one, no other questions asked. Next day shipped the thing to boot! Might be different for what I assume is an Eros pod, vice Dash, but it might work for you.

When it was under warranty and the exact same thing happened and they replaced it right away. But it’s now out of warranty.

So far it will be covered under my pharmacy benefits…if you can find it at a pharmacy!

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@John_Bowler, please elaborate on what is needed to control Dash pods with an iPhone.

@John_Bowler The problem is it’s listed as a covered item from OptumRx, they will cover it but they don’t carry it. Insulet wants you to get it from a pharmacy, insists Optum Rx can order it. OptumRx is very definitely not going to order one item for one person. I’ve called Insulet and OptumRx several times. I’ve called Walgreens, Walgreens specialty, Longs and CVS, nope. I can get the script, that’s not a problem, but I have to know who to give the script too.

The next step is Insulet offered to get on the phone with OptumRX, so I will do that next so they can hear it and see where it goes from there!

I have a Riley Link, I was going to loop. I do not have access to an apple computer, I guess you can get around that by downloading Apple something to your computer. Also I have a regular Apple account, but I guess it’s easier if you pay for one and I don’t really have an interest in that either. So every time I look at all that, I don’t lol. Too complicated…

@Marie20, I agree that setting up looping is quite a hassle. But after it is done, it is amazing. I used to look at my Dexcom readout every 15 minutes. Alarms would wake me up at night. No longer. I can get excellent results without every looking at anything. I don’t even want to think about not looping.


@Helmut…I know and every time I say I’m going too, and then look up the things I need to do lol…I don’t. The Dexcom can be aggravating!

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One of the OpenLoop branches.

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@John_Bowler OptumRx has always been very prompt in supplying me and has always covered what I needed before. Note for the first time, they are actually of something for 2 weeks, Afrezza 4 unit pack. My coverage might dictate to them what they carry? Not sure. But I don’t actually fault OptumRx in this…It would be more of an Insulet thing for them getting Omnipod covered under Pharmacy for Medicare for their product. On the other hand I am happy about that at this point, because it doesn’t count as a pump under Medicare, so I can still get any pump I want this or next year, as long as I can get it under pharmacy!

@John_Bowler, thanks.

Just an update on a replacement PDM when it’s out of warranty. My PDM started to lose it’s date and time when I replaced the batteries. When it’s under warranty they send a replacement right away, but it’s out of warranty.

After several calls to OptumRx and to Insulet. Insulet insisting OptumRx can supply it and OptumRx insisting they cover it but don’t carry it and will not special order one item.

I finally called Insulet and asked for the Medicare department again. The initial Insulet person didn’t even know that department existed BTW. I was referred to someone else who then contacted the Medicare department. Explained the problem and they came back with they could supply one as a Glucometer under Medicare. I questioned that as maybe since it’s not listed as a pump, that wouldn’t foul up me not wanting to be committed for 4 years. But I have a Dexcom and Medicare won’t cover test strips, will they actually cover a glucometer? They weren’t sure…sigh. So knowing they have supplied a courtesy PDM to someone, I asked can’t you just send me a PDM as a courtesy replacement even though it’s past warranty?

So that is what they are doing now! Thanks @Helmut


@Marie20, OMG, what a story. I wish I could say that I am surprised. I no longer argue with a person that I perceive as incompetent or unhelpful. I just call back at another time and hope for a better outcome. Like getting another raffle ticket. It is very frustrating that people whose job it is often know less than the innocent bystanders at this forum. I am glad that it worked out for you.


Yes, I learned this after the fact and after I was pushed into buying a pump by their distributor. Yes I should have read things more carefully but I would have never thought in my wildest dreams to. A rental pump? Really?

That’s awesome! I’m the opposite. I hate the tandem sets. The cannula kinks on me often but omnipods never did!

Since they were offering pump for $999, instead of $4000+, cash pay, it was a good option, especially for those with long warranty left. Not sure what you mean by pushed.

I waited to get Tandem until warranty on Medtronic ended, since it was less than a year. But I thought it was clear what the terms of the offer was for the $999 offer, and that it would mean returning Tandem pump, based on my Medtronic pump warranty ending.

Medicare also has a funky rental arrangement, so this was not unique.

I was barely not in warranty I believe, like not even a month. If I would have known that I would have waited but no one told me and pushed it under the rug, especially my trainer.

Until you start to delve into everything and gain some experience, it can be hard to understand what you are doing

I remember when I first got my Omnipod, I don’t remember being told anything about warranties etc. It was all handled by my Doctor, Insulet and my insurance company. So if you move to a different pump you still go forward fairly clueless what it all means.

I had the long tandem sets kink on me and I’m allergic to the adhesive just like I’m allergic to the Medtronic ones.
The one thing that was good about animas is that I was never allergic to the sets.

I dislike all sets that I can’t see the insertion point. So in insert my tandem sets manually. I get the ones with a tiny window thst you can actually see the cannula and you can see if it’s still in or bent etc.

That’s what I didn’t like about the omnipods. You can’t see anything going on under it. But the concept is awesome.

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