Omnipod Clutch

Does anyone know a company that sells cases/clutches for the omnipod?I found a company but they’re from the Netherlands. Trying to find something in the States.


Niabarbs -

Try Sugar Medical (in New Hampshire).

They have a variety of clutches for various meters and pumps, including Omnipod in many designs.

I hope you find something you like.


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I was just about to post the same link as Kate! :smile:

If you don’t mind things loose in a case, you might want to look into [Tallygear][1]

[1]: or maybe a makeup bag.

Not sure if you are still looking or are now looking to switch things up, but wanted to let you know what I do… I just have a protective cover and a lace/strip organizer from this site and then just though both in whatever clutch I am using for the night. or