Omnipod covered by medicare now?

At our urging, CMS will now provide Medicare coverage for new lifesaving devices, like Omnipod, which will hold down health care costs & help people with diabetes live healthier lives.


It is great that Sen Collins is asking CMS to reconsider their decision to not provide Medicare coverage for the Omnipod.

Perhaps CMS will provide a new determination.

My guess is it would take more than a letter from a single US Senator.

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Well that’s great for those who want to use the omnipod. I’m happy for everyone that wants to use that pump.

I do not use Omnipod, but I am thrilled.

Only good if you have Medicare Part D coverage, we do not, so we’re not so thrilled. This should be covered under Part B just like the Dexcom G5 CGM. Medicare & Insulet dropped the ball again!