Omnipod DASH Coverage CIGNA Caremark

Having been a Type 1 diabetic for 65 years and one of the first Omnipod users, I have been very frustrated for last 2 years trying to get pharmacy coverage through CVS Caremark for the OmniPod DASH.

Several appeals were denied. Insulet decided to make the DASH available only as a pharmacy benefit leaving those of us who have pump coverage as a medical benefit out in the cold…

Has anybody had any luck getting CVS Carenark to add the DASH to your plan formulary?

How did you go about it? I’m interested in the DASH but really want the upcoming HORIZON system


Do you have employer based insurance?
If yes, its your Employer that chose the plan options.
Contact your HR/Benefits/Plan provider to see if they can negotiate with Caremark, and update their policy, or file as exception.

If your insurance covers tubed pumps, you may be asked to justify why a tubed pump doesn’t work for you, but omnipod does.