Omnipod Dash History Confusion

Hi everyone,

I just started on the Omnipod Dash Friday. I was a long time Omnipod user before. I am wondering if anyone is experiencing the following issue with the “Basal Insulin” in the history on the PDM.

The other day I went into the history on the PDM and it showed “–” for my basal insulin. I knew that wasn’t correct because I’d be real high if that were true. After that, I suspended my insulin and resumed instantly. It fixed the issue and I chalked it up to a minor glitch. Here is a screenshot of post-resume on that day.

You can see I suspended/resumed my basal after 8pm, and then the PDM auto-created the eveny “Basal Program cont’d” at 12am. That seemed odd since it doesn’t show in chronological order.

This morning I checked it again and it was happening again. At 6am I checked it showed “–” for “Basal Insulin” and no event for “Basal Program cont’d”. Here is a screenshot of that.

I had to change my pod, so I assumed that would fix it again since it would stop my basal and restart it. It did exactly that. You can see from this screen shot that I disabled my pod, and activated a new one. Again, it auto-created the event “Basal Program cont’d” for 12am and correctly shows my basal insulin for the day.

I called Omnipod and they are looking into it. Its not that big of a deal since my basal history isn’t a top priority for me. I am assuming the PDM should be generating the “Basal Program cont’d” event at 12am and then the history would show correctly. It like the PDM doesn’t realize the previous days basal program continued to today.

I know there aren’t a ton of people on the Dash, but has anyone else seen this or is it just my PDM?


I can’t really help but I would like to know if the Dash uses the same pod as your old one? My PDM is 3+ yrs old and out of warranty. I am having some issues with it now.

No, they are different pods. The old pods use RF (Radio Frequency) and the new pods use Bluetooth. They look almost identical.

Thanks for the info. I have taken steps to obtain one.