OmniPod Dash Issues

Has anyone experienced the dash system inserting so hard that it causes pain, bruising, and/or bleeding? I just started using it and each pod has done that. I’ve also noticed higher glucose levels on the dash system.

I really dislike spring loaded everything.
I insert my sets manually. There is probably a way to do it on the pods as well if you take it off the inserter
I have not been able to do this with the g6. It’s like a tightly controlled machine and disposable. But I don’t have too much trouble with that one.
It’s mostly the infusion sets that I can’t deal with

Although your post was quite some time ago, I thought I would respond. My guess is that you are a very slim person without much fat onto which you place your Pod. I have heard that slim people sometimes feel more pain than those of us who are – ahem – a little more well padded. Like with any system, you have to find what works well for you and what sites to avoid. For example, my Dexcom had bled like crazy the last two times I have tried it on my upper right arm. I now know where a major blood vessel is located on that arm! I also bruised after inserting there. I have no trouble with the Dexcom or the OmniPod Dash Pods when I put them in other places. So I hope that by now you have found some sites that work better for you. I really have not noticed any changes from the old Pods to the new Dash Pods as far as pain or insertion goes. I hope all is well for you now.