Omnipod Dash signal loss

I thought the wireless connection between the PDM and the new Dash pods was supposed to be better than the original pods. I find it to be significantly worse, and I’m repeatedly getting a “move PDM closer to pod” message when I try to bolus. How much closer can you get than touching? Doesn’t the new system use Bluetooth instead of NFC to communicate? I thought the range was supposed to be far improved, but it’s sure not for me.

hmmm…I kinda do the sign of the cross with my Omnipod PDM before I eat (except, I touch the PDM to anywhere a pod might typically be located, like both upper arms and both hips). Its habit now. It ensures connection generally. Its fast and I do it without thinking.

"How do you make the sign of the cross?

The sign of the cross is made by touching the hand sequentially to the forehead, lower chest or stomach, and both shoulders, accompanied by the Trinitarian formula: at the forehead In the name of the Father (or In nomine Patris in Latin); at the stomach or heart and of the Son (et Filii); across the shoulders and of…"

So I take it this happens often?? I’m asking because I’m about to switch from MM to OmniPod - like it’s in the works as of today. I’m just researching and trying to plan ahead for what I might run into.

Always listen for the beep confirming communication between the pod and receiver.
If you miss that and have good hearing, you can hear the pod delivering insulin - it makes a little click every time it delivers a fraction of a unit (I think every 10th of a unit).

You’ll figure it out fine. Every once in a while I get a non-delivery due to no communication between the devices because I’m not paying attention, but its rare. You gotta confirm delivery, though. You wont have trouble.

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It’s not an insurmountable problem. I can always make it work, but I thought communication was supposed to be better, and it’s not.

Its kinda a strange thing. They build it that way on purpose for wireless security. They want it to be operable from a very small geographic range to decrease the risk that you are hacked from someone snooping the wireless signals in a neighboring hotel room.

I’ve been using the DASH about 4 months now. Recently been having issues with it not recognizing a new pod to prime it. Happened 4 times so far. I’ve determined that rebooting the DASH seems to usually work. Anyone else seeing this? Wondering if I should request a new DASH.

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I recently switched from the Omni pod to the Omni Pod dash system and just had my first issue with connecting. When I was filling the new pod with insulin I was also surrounded by my smart watch, and phone which also operate on Bluetooth and I think this may have caused an interference. The screen recommends that you walk around and try again but that didnt work either so I eventually held down the power button on the side of the PDM and chose to restart the pdm. This did work once I tried again to connect.