Omnipod Errors & Static

Hey Everyone,

My 6 year old daughter is newly diagnosed (Jan 23 of this year) and we started the omnipod in March. We’ve had a string of errors and I thought it may be due to static - she wears her pod on her bootie and I noticed every time it errored, she was outside playing on playground equipment, but I figured that couldn’t possibly generate enough static to create a problem.

Today her pod errored at school and she said she had just slid down the slide. Called the error in and they confirmed it was a static error. They suggested static guard sprayed on her clothes as a better alternative to sticking a dryer sheet in her pocket. So, a couple of questions:

  1. Have you guys had static issues?
  2. If Yes, did static guard/dryer sheet resolve them?
  3. Is the Pod really THAT sensitive to static??
  4. Is it really OK to spray static guard on clothes that will be up against her skin?


I couldn't believe this, so I did a research and found these links:

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