Omnipod for athletics/ muscular bodies

hello there, i am new in here and i jsut wanted to ask couple a things for the omnipod, i am T1 diabetic for roughly 2 years, and as well i am diagnosed brittle.

i am now on silhouettes after using qick sets for like a month and all i got is kinking and kinking, i never got to change a patch to find it straight, may be once i believe but i was on hurt at that time.

the silhouettes are pretty good - still not perfection but at least it’s working than quicksets - and im using them on my thighs, i sometimes don’t get the best absorption, but i have programmed the pump to work according to that place as to adapt with my life style, i am so energetic and active, and to put it in a stomach it some time hurts and it annoys me while sleeping sometimes, i make equations to sleep though :D, i also tried the upper butt, but silserters doesn’t give me the chance to do it perfectly right cuz of the hard bending and the shape of the serter, i tried to do it manually but i think i go too much far with the angle so i got hurt again from inside.

anyway, im on my way to get the omnipod, and i just wanted to ask some few tips on site selection for my body type, i believe the insertion mechanism is gonna be much better and the cannula is shorter, as well as the angle that is always constant than silhouettes, but im afriad cuz im having rock muscles in my body, i watched couple of vids for the arms and pinching technique, but im still not sure, im thinking of starting with my stomach as its the best absorption place i believe.

appreciate it lots guys and sorry you had to read that long post :slight_smile:


Hi Raymond, I use the pods and they are great. I use the flabby back part of my upper arms for the pods mostly. My legs are very muscular so I don’t use them. Sometimes I use my upper butt or back where there is fat. The stomach is a good place too, but I use it for my Dexcom CGM’s. Good luck with the pods!