Omnipod gen 2 and financial news

Just found this (link)

January 11, 2012 - PODD received a phone call last week from the FDA with clarifying Qs on PODD's 11/21 response submission; management's tone suggests the clarifications were not onerous. Meanwhile, the first production line is up and running in China, and finished product is on hand. Assuming approval in the next few months, PODD looks to formally launch its next-generation OmniPod at ADA (June), ramp 3 production lines for total output of 750K-1M pods/month and convert its entire Gen1 installed base by '12-end.

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Sounds great to me except I try to avoid any product made in China.

i hope they have figured out how to make gen 2 more reliable than gen 1.

I can only assume that you use no electronic devices at all since they are almost exclusively manufactured in China, as I'm sure the current generations of pods is.

That's fantastic! Can't wait for the new pods!

Thats great - they where talking March for Europe. Cant wait. Dont forget guys all our current Pods come from China !

Man! China! That's no good.

Flextronics is the company who produces the pods. The have made the proces cheaper so we can use the pods. The majority of the owners is ...... American companies

Are you using the Omnipod system? Check the "Made In" info on the boxes .... yes sir they are "Made in China" . This is not new as thy have been coming from China for a number of years now. I wish you success on your Omnipod.

It is a publicly traded company trades under the ticker FLEX. It is a contract manufacturer they make many OEM parts for many companies. Insulet stopped the production of pods a few years ago.

Some of the first quality issues with pods were due to the fact that Insulet tried to save some money on the battery. The swapped a certain material which caused many failures. I forget the exact material but it was Insulet trying to increase margins. Remember this is a for profit company and we are their customers. Insulet went to Flex because they could produce the same product cheaper in China than Insulet could in Mass. where they are located.

What is the difference between 'made in China' and "assembled in China'? My new shipment of pods says assembled.

I'm hearing that a significant portion of pod failures occur during insulin fill and priming. This seems like such a fixable issue and hopefully Insulet has addressed this in the new pod design.

Amen. I remember when I first signed up for OmniPodding in 2009, and I was told by the Insulet sales reps that smaller pods along with Dexcom integration were "coming soon." I have now learned that "coming soon" means three years. I guess "coming soon" meant even longer on the Dexcom integration.

I love my OmniPod and would never go back to a tubed pump, but I think Insulet should have done a better job tempering my expectations.

I know what you mean. Seems like all the companies put out falsely optimistic timelines with no shame at all. The Tslim first said it might launch in 1st half of this year and now looks like 2nd half and I suspect more likely next year. The Solo pump had me thinking it would launch in 2010 and right now it looks like 1st half 2013!

They all lie.The time line is for the investors not the users.

I hope that we DO see smaller pods in june! I have been waiting for ... years for these supposed smaller pods... and dexcom integration... of course.