Omnipod in Calf--OUCH!

Ok, so I got tired of having the pod in the usual spots, arm, back so I went to the calf to try it. I am either just happening to have a bad muscle cramp in the calf or the cannula is not in the greatest place. I don't have a lot of fat so maybe it was just a bad idea. BG is 127 so I am just going to see how it plays out the rest of the day. May have to try a different spot on the leg if the cramp doesn't go away. Anyone else have this happen?

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My husband tried his Dexcom in his thigh and the same thing happened to him. I think it pinched a nerve because his buttocks also went numb for about 24 hours. Maybe those areas are just too muscular.

Higher amounts of muscle also have higher amounts of nerve endings. I've had cramps from using it on the fatty part of my arm too, rarely though. Seems if you get lucky and skewer that nerve just right....

Only "odd" place I've tried it was my thigh, worked extremely well there, but I'm still uneasy with the location because of chair arms, seatbelts, etc etc...

I must have just hit a nerve wrong. I know I need to switch up my site rotation going forward so I threw the new pod on my thigh. Seems better as I can still feel my leg with out it feeling as if it has a cramp in it! As long as the absorption is good, life is good. I just need to give my arms and back and break.

I find it to be most convenient and comfortable on the front or sides of my's more out of the way than on my tummy. I haven't tried arms yet, but I know that many people find that optimal also. Good luck.

I've used in both calves multiple times. Once in a while I'll hit a bad spot, but otherwise it's definitely a spot in the rotation.

I will definitely try it again. Mikep, any particular placement? I went a little left of center on my right calf and I automatically knew, Oh no that didn't go right. I may try a little higher on the calf next go round as I think I can maybe get a better pinch and hopefully not hit another nerve. Hated to take a pod off after like 5 hours.

placement sounds about right. I do try to get a pretty good pinch when I do mine in my calf. Good luck. Sucks when you know you hit something and you have to take it out.

If you can put the pod on the calf, can you inject shots in the calf?

no idea, never tried

I have been on the Omni pod since November. I have used it on my arms, and do experience muscle cramps ocassionally. But as long as delivery is consistent, I am good to go.

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I haven’t heard of muscle cramp complaints from my son - or maybe I’m not properly paying attention! I’m glad it’s only occassional!!