Omnipod in Colombia

Hello to everybody, My name is lina and im from Colombia, south america, i have a son of 9 years old and he has diabetes type 1 since 2003, for years we were waiting for a insuline pump and just arrive in 2007 minimed but my son was scare about the canula and all the set. In june of 2009 arrive omnipod and im happy becouses is a diferent way to have better life if he uses, so i want to ask a few questions to be sure if is what? we need for him.

Can be wet during the 3 days?
if he is high or low does the omnipod beep?
how have been u life after using omnipod?
do u think is good for kid of age or 9?

sorry to ask like that but as u know some laboratories never say the true, they need to sell and they show as amaizing thing, and never say if will be any problem with the system, im sure it is but i need to be sure.

just for u information in a creator of a group call parents of diabetic kid, is in spanish and Manny (manuel Hernandez )invite me to join ur group to have a clear mind of this match.

So i will appreciate all what can u can say about I really need this, Gracias and take care

  1. yes, the pod on the body can be wet (swimming, showering, etc), but not the PDM (handheld portion)
  2. no, the Omnipod does not beep if high or low because it does not monitor your blood sugar
  3. The Omnipod is my fifth insulin pump to try and my favorite so far. Life on it has been good, my blood sugar control is good (I also wear a continuous monitor device - not made by Omnipod), and I get the insulin I need.
  4. Yes, it is a popular pump choice for children.

Bienvenidos a nuestra comunidad, Lina Maria. :slight_smile: We call bombas “pumps” here, as “bomb” is actually a word for an explosion! :slight_smile:

He utilizado OmniPod por más de un año y es maravilloso para mí. Mojarse no es ningún problema, siempre y cuando usted deje que se sequen después de 30 minutos.
¿En qué ciudad está usted? La madre de mi esposa vive en Cartagena y que estaban allí de visita el pasado mes de noviembre. Su nombre es Lina, también: Lina Raquel

[English: I have used OmniPod for more than a year and it is wonderful for me. Getting wet is no problem, as long as you let it dry after 30 minutes. In what city do you live? My wife’s mother lives in Cartagena and we were there visiting last November. Her name is Lina, also: Lina Raquel]

Hola thanks for u answer and for correct my grammar, sometimes i make mistakes, u are so kind and its important what u wrote. Gracias

Hola Eric gracias por tu respuesta, pues es importante para mi ya que estoy a uno o dos meses de colocarsela a mi hijo y quiero saber varias cosas al respecto.
I live in Bogota and my full name is Lina Maria any time u come to colombia u are welcome. I love cartagena for holidays too hot for me, u know i borned in cold place so thas why.

Do u have any monitor for bllod sugar in u bosy i mena conected?

Cuidate and nice name of u wife jejejjejej

My six year old uses the OmniPod and it has been great for him. He swims daily with it and we have not had a problem. All your other questions have been answered. Always ask if you have more!


Hello, thanks,im so happy to heard so nice comments. i will ask if i need sometime when he gets the pump. bye for now

Hola Lorraine i would like to ask u wichs one is the best omnipod, i mean im not sure about becouse they never bring all kind of the pumps, so i want to know a code or a name to be sure when the show me on wenesday. thx a lot

Well there is only one OmniPod although there are several pump choices. OmniPod is one of the pump choices. Here is a comparison chart. The Deltec is no longer being produced though.

Hello i read it was so interesting, tks a lot for al u help and sorry to bother u, i have the appoiment with omnipod pretty soon. take care