Omnipod insurance

Does anyone know of an insurance in tx that covers the omnipod?

Blue Cross Blue Shield in TX does not. Fortuantely BCBS in my state does, and my insurance is out of BCBS in TX so the Omnipod folks used a loophole law to force BCBS to provide pumps for me due to BCBS coverage in my state. Gotta love insurance! Texas is rather loose on letting insurance companies get away with a lot of bad business. I hope that changes soon, but probably won't with Texas being one of the states that is kicking back on Obamacare extremely hard. Kicking in that they are passing more laws that benefit the insurance companies more than the insured.

Humana in Texas does. I had to fight to get it covered because when I joined my wife's policy they claimed my out of warranty Medtronic pump was just fine, but they do list OmniPod as one of the pumps they allow.

If you go to this page on Humana's website - and search for "insulin pump" you'll see the documents that describe the coverage for pumps and CGMS.

Bcbs is what we have. And I feel ya!

United Healthcare used to- hopefully they still do.