OmniPod is a winner!

A few months ago I began the process of looking for new pump (thanks to Cozmo going under) and with much research as well as comments from here I decided to give OmniPod a try.

Without a doubt it was a stressful situation.

As of last week I am an official OmniPod user! I cannot say enough good things about it! The entire concept of not having a wire hanging on me was the selling point and has proven to be just incredible. No more forgetting to plug back in. (eventhough it was a rare instance to do so). Was able to try out for one month before officially signing on which was quite helpful

The PDM is sooooo easy to use: Activating/deactivating a Pod is just so simple and painfree; the font; lighting, makes it all so simple & stressfree and most of all the on hand info you can receive with just the press of a button!
One of the downfalls apparentlly is how easy it falls off I exercise rigorasly 6 days a week. Just returned from Florida when it was 100 degrees …no problems with coming off…thanks to the IV Prep pads.

The Pods are a little big (comparituive to half of an egg) however, certainly much smaller than all of the pumps themselves. They are in process of issuing new, flatter pods. All clothes fit w/o notice.

In regrds to insurance the expense is elevated (about $1500 over 4 yr warrenty) compared to standard pumps but my insurance accepted with out problem.

If your warrenty is soon to expire I recommend you give OmniPod a try.


Maureen, I agree completely! After some tweeking with my basal rate I am very satisfied with the OmniPod! I did not do the month trial, but received the trail dummie pods to wear. I also have had no problem with the pods sticking…just make sure the planned site is clean(no lotion or anything on that part of the body) haven’t used the IV preps. Well worth the exchange for my cozmo. Just found out my HRA will cover the replacement pods so am very happy!

So glad you found the perfect pump for you. I hope everything keeps going as smooth for you in the future with it. I did a lot of research for myself also before I got my pump also. I choose a ping for me. I could not use a omnipod because I would be changing them every day because I use so much insulin. Plus I love the features of the ping. But everybody has their own feature favs and I just hope your health benefits from your pump. Congrats!!!

The IV Preps really make the adhesion dependable…especially with high humidity/sweating factors.

I had 2 tiny issues with pods and they are replacing them.

I am working with a “diabetic coach” small fee but well worth it especially with all the tweeking to make me normal. Doctors are just okay with their limited time…