OmniPod means no CGM under Medicaid?

Hi guys!

It's been _forever_ since i've been on here... Life has started to really crunch down on me, and i've been caught up in a lot of things, and my diabetes was under pretty good control, so i kinda drifted away... But now i'm back, and with a bit of a pickle.

I'm under Mississippi Medicaid (18, student in high school, parents can't really support me, so i'm mostly on my own). I've recently been to the ER due to diabetes related issues 3 times, one time was a Pod glitching and dumping 200 units of insulin into me within 7 hours... thankfully i caught that, and got to the ER before i became critical. Before that, i had a wild low that made no sense, and this last weekend (Friday/Thursday, actually) i went to bed Thursday night, and was SUPPOSED to be up for work at 6:30AM... No go. Alarm went off (i assume) and didn't even phase me. My sugar had apparently dropped low while i was asleep that night, and so when morning came, nothing. But it gets better. I stayed passed out ALL DAY, and until 2AM Saturday morning... Woke up half paralyzed, and had to have an ambulance called on me... Was 47 when they checked my sugar, but i FELT like my sugar was about 7! NEVER have i felt so terrible in my life... They pumped me up with some D50 and D-5, and sent me home around 5AM. Why did this happen? No one knows. When did my sugar drop low? No one knows. How fast did it drop? No one knows. NO information to work with. Don't know if it was the OmniPod glitching (doubtful, as the above incident is the first time Insulet has EVER heard of the issue), if my body did something stupid, if i over bolused for something, or what. No clue.

So, Doc wants me on a CGM (Which i had asked for about a year ago... He wrote a prescription for a Dexcom Seven Plus and sent a note to Medicaid. Denied.). Issue: To get on a CGM, under Medicaid, he thinks i will have to get the Minimed Paradigm... With the Minimed CGM... Both of which i am not fans of. (My lifestyle does not work well with the normal kind of insulin pump, hence the OmniPod)I've known a few people with a lifestyle like mine that have had TONS of trouble with the Minimed Pump, and i don't know anyone with the CGM...

I'm a HUGE fan of Dexcom, and the OmniPod, even without the integration... Dexcom G4 is TINY, and completely unobtrusive, as is the OmniPod (And i'm on the list to get the new pods and PDM, too). I would HATE to have to leave a pump that works great for me, to get a CGM, and a pump that i'd constantly have to take off and put back on due to water, sweat, heat, cold, etc...

So, the simple question... Is anyone under Medicare or Medicaid and on the Dexcom Seven Plus, or G4? Is this possible, or is it a waste of time to even try to fight them?