Omnipod & my clinical trial experience

I finished the medication part of the glucagon trial a few weeks back. I am not done but the medication part is done, just have a few more follow-ups to see if the medication has helped with sensing lows.
This was my first experience with a tubeless pump. And yes, it was kinda cool not having to deal with a tube. But since I have on,y used tubes pumps for almost 30 years, it has never been a problem for me.
But my take always and why I would not choose this pump for myself are as follows.
It’s big. It’s really big. Especially when I look at the infusion set that sits flush with my body. I could not wear this under a form fitting dress or skinny jeans. It’s just way too big. So that means a lot of the time it was on my arms and I just have such a problem with always using the same area. I was taught from the very beginning to rotate injection sites and then infusion site locations. I would think after using my arms most of the time, I would start having absorption issues.
I also didn’t like having to carry the device around with me. Now I didn’t carry it with me everyday because I wasn’t dosing insulin. It was just necessary to carry it when I started it up and during the 2nd or 3rd day for changing out the pod.
And I didn’t like the Teflon cannula. No metal options. And the fact that there are no options for different lengths to that cannula.
None of this a major deal breaker for most. And this is way I am always thrilled when a new pump comes on the market. We don’t all like or want the same things.
I have meet 3 people in the past few months using this system for looping and they love it!
So this one is not for me but am so happy it is there for everyone who wants and needs what it has to offer. Choices are so necessary when dealing with a chronic condition. So pod or tube on, whichever makes you happy!