Omnipod Occlussion

I have been using the Omnipod for the past 5 days. Today I got a occlusion warning and changed the pump. Then I got the same warning again. What am I doing wrong or is this something that I should expect.

Is the cannula kinked when you take it out? One time in school I was walking in the halls with my pod on my hip, and it was bumped a few times, and about 30 minutes later, it had the warning to change pod. I am guessing that it was because it was bumped. It’s kind of a silly question, but do you bump it, or move it around at all?

Thanks, I will try and be more aware of this possibility.


it sometimes happens if you hit a bad site. i know its happened to me before. i hit a bad spot and a few hours later the alarm went off. it’s kinda a trial and error. hope all works out for you =)

The cannula can get kinked or bent by muscle . Site location can have something to do with it. Make sure when the cannula is inserting that you pinch the skin at the top of the pod. Finally, if it is jarred or pulled on slightly the cannula will come out a little and when it seats back in it can kink and will cause an occlusion.

I am on my second pod and have not got that warning, but…

When I changed my first pod on Saturday, I bled alot. It had gotten redder around the canula the day before, but seemed to be working OK. I tried to be careful and pulled the pod off with the canula being last. Did I do something wrong??
Does anyone have any tips on this if it is common?

Occasionally, there will be a little bleeding when you remove a cannula. I guess it’s because your site is near a cappillary. I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.