OmniPod offers low-cost transfer for Cozmo users

Yup! I’m a die-hard OmniPod user myself and can’t recommend it enough.

Here’s my post on the new offer, btw:

Done. Started podding today!

It’s a little bittersweet to see my trusty Cozmo over there battery-less on my nightstand, but sadder still is that I’ve had “I’ve Got No Strings” stuck in my head for 12 hours now… :slight_smile:

OMG! Mel, you started PODDING!!! how do you like it? Did you get the new PDM?

I am also a die-hard Podder:) I love it

Thanks, Cherise! I got the original PDM, but for only $50 and no pump trade-in, so I was sold. I think I’ll be eligible to upgrade to the new PDM with everyone else for the upgrade price. We’ll see. I may make sure I have the hang of this one first.

So far, I am falling fast for it. (My only complaint is that it takes longer than I’m used to to deliver a bolus. I don’t know if that’s normal for podding or what.) My blood sugars have been fabulous today since I started (though my CDE and I almost forgot to unhook me from my other pump - double basal anyone?). I think the PDM is really easy to use and even feels smaller than I expected once I actually got it in my hand. (It fits in my wristlet I like to carry!)

My CDE said their office had a meeting with some Insulet reps last night and learned a lot of new stuff coming for the Omnipod. She said she highly recommended going to the new PDM. So I will wait and see what my options are. If anyone is considering the other pump offers though, this one takes the cake. It’s a brand new device - not refurbished - and they don’t require you to relinquish your Cozmo to redeem the offer. You just have to prove you actually own one.

I think this may be a good fit for me. I kept walking around today lifting up my shirt for my high school students. As if they didn’t think I was crazy enough already! “Look, look at my back!!!” If I can just keep my clothes on, this should be a great experience. Just this month, I know I have events where I have to wear a formal gown or a swimsuit or a costume…and I will feel great knowing I don’t have to worry about where I put my pump.